Wood lexicon

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You are looking for a suitable lamp for your home? Whether as a bedroom lamp, kids room lighting or as a ceiling lamp in the living room - with our lamps made of wood you give your home a very special charm.
In our Elobra wood lexicon you will find more detailed information on our types of wood used and other important terms related to wood.
The furnishing element wood is currently enjoying great popularity. For this reason, we have made it our business to design lamps with the versatile and natural material and to produce them by hand.


Whether plain, natural wood or glazed and modern wood to foiled wood - at Elobra you will find your favorite.
Natural materials such as wood are not only unique due to their different grains, but create a homely, cozy but at the same time modern atmosphere.



In the manufacture of our lights is the idea of sustainability in the foreground. We therefore use only high-quality wood from responsible and sustainable forestry.


The processing of the wood is done in careful manual work. Adhesives and varnishes with harmful substances are not used, so that our Elobra kids room lights are harmless in every kids room the best choice.

Wood species


Latin name: Juglandaceae
Number of types: about 60 species
Distribution: Europe, America, Asia
Height: 15-20 meters
Age: up to 150 years
Properties of the wood: hard

Walnut wood , which is also known as walnut, is one of the best-known and most popular woods in interior decoration. Our walnut lights are unmistakable and classic in every living room thanks to their unique grain and deep brown color. Luminaires made of solid walnut impress with their smooth and subtly shiny surface.

- easy to edit
- good environmental balance because it is grown locally
- is a good substitute for tropical wood


Latin name: Quercus
Number of species: approx. 400 species of oak
Distribution: northern hemisphere
Height: 30-40 m
Age: up to 1000 years
Properties of wood: stable, hard

The unique wood color of oak gives our lights a warm yet very modern look, making them a perfect fit in really any home. Our oak wood lights are treated with a water-based glaze.

- White oaks: English oak and sessile oak, as well as a larger number of species native to North America and East Asia
- Red oaks: indigenous to North America
- evergreen oaks: indigenous to predominantly in (sub-)tropical regions of the world
- Cork oak: indigenous to southwestern Europe, very important for the European economy


Latin name: Betula
Number of species: about 50 species of birch
Distribution: Europe, Asia, North America
Height: 20-30 meters
Age: about 50 years
Properties of wood: hard

Some of our light love lamps are made of birch wood. The birch is a very quickly renewable resource and grows even on nutrient-poor soil. It is therefore a very environmentally friendly raw material. We use for our lamps a birch veneer wood, also called multiplex.

Advantages of multiplex plates:
- high load capacity, high strength
- stability and dimensional stability
- very low weight
- More environmentally friendly, because you need less raw materials
- a uniform, symmetrical and noble appearance