… indicates how much luminous flux hits a certain surface. The unit of measurement is lux (lx) . The formula for illuminance is: Luminous intensity in candela (cd) divided by the distance2 (/ Radius2) between the light source and the surface.

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… gives the color temperature engl. CCT (correlated color temperature) in Kelvin (K). It is used to describe the light. For an exact determination, however, the temperature of the Plank radiator is required.

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… is a form of individual lighting control. A dimmer can be used to set the desired brightness of a lamp and adapt it to its tasks.

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Energy efficiency classes

… is a rating scale for the European energy label. Every device that consumes energy is divided into these classes by the EU. Energy efficiency class A means low energy consumption, B and C mean energy consumption, all other classes mean very high consumption and should be avoided. werden.

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Color temperature

… is a measure to quantitatively determine the color impression of a light source. A distinction is made, for example, between warm white, neutral white and cold white. The unit of color temperature is Kelvin (K).

Elobra Lampen Lichtlexikon Farbtemperatur

... is the unit of color temperature and describes the color of a light source. (see also CCT and color temperature). Comfortable light has 2000 to 3300 Kelvin, cold, radiant light like in large warehouses has over 5300 Kelvin. LEDs, for example, can cover the entire span.

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… stands for light-emitting diode and denotes an electronic semiconductor component which emits light when a current flows through it. Leds are very economical in comparison to conventional incandescent lamps, have a significantly longer service life and can reproduce a wide range of color temperatures..

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Light output

… is a measure of the efficiency of light sources. It indicates how much energy is required for a certain luminous flux. The light output is given in lumens per watt (lm / W). The following applies: the higher the value, the better the yield.

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Light color

… is the spectral composition of a self-illuminating light source. It is also determined by the stimulus triggered in the eye and brain. It is used to characterize a light source and is represented, for example, by the light and color temperature.

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… indicates how much light a light source emits in total per unit of time. This value describes the brightness of a light source and, by adjusting the light intensity unit candela, is a good indication of your required output.

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... is the physical unit for the illuminance of a light source. It indicates how much luminous flux from a light source falls on a surface. A lux meter is used to check whether a light source is bright enough. You can also find the calculation under - Illuminance.

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Retrofit lamps

… are light sources with which you can easily replace old light bulbs with LED bulbs, as these are compatible with conventional sockets. Halogens can also be replaced by LEDs.den.

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Volts (V)

… is the unit for electrical voltage. Volt describes the amount of energy that is present in the individual electrons. Formula symbol: U

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